Stone spheres park is located 3 kilometers north of the town Zavidovići. Stone spheres park was built  in 2006 with the initiative of Nedžad Ikanović who founded an association of citizens "Kamene kugle" (Stone spheres) with the main objective to protect the stone spheres, to promote and construct the park for tourist purposes. Today, the park is visited daily by tourists from all over the world. They enjoy meditation on stone spheres with a beautiful natural environment, birds chirping and babbling of the stream. Its already known that stone spheres emit a large amount of positive energy that causes better flow of energy throughout the whole body, positively impacting central nervous system and expanding human aura. For that reason stone spheres attract a large number of visitors.

There have been found up to 60 stone balls up to this day in the area of Zavidovići. They are placed on 11 different places. Most of them, which means more then 20 balls, have been found in the village of Grab, which is about 2km away from Zavidovići. The stone balls are described by Nedžad Ikanović from the association of “Kamene kugle” from Zavidovići village. The foundation of this group happend in the july of 2006, with the goal of preserving and maintaining the place, which is proclaimed to be the largest estate of stone balls in Bosna and Herzegovina and all of the Europe. Semir Osmanagić adds: “... and it has been proved, that next to the other places of Bosna and Herzegovina, Duboki potok in the village of Grab-Mečevići, near the village Zavidovići, is the biggest foundation of stone balls in the Europe. There are over 20 stone balls with nearly perfect shape in the area, and that is even so, that some of the stone balls have dissapeared in the last years into the gardens of the local residents, who have used them for decoration.....".
The stone balls, which you can admire in the area of Duboki potok, has appeared after strong storm in the year of 1936, according to the tales of the local residents. There has been an overflow of the river, and the water has created a small gully, in which’s bottom, the stone balls of size from 0.5 to 1.6 m has appeared. Some of them were transported into the private gardens as a decoration and part of them has stayed on the place either damaged or completely broken due to the nature’s forces. Today we can find 15 untouched balls and 20 halfs (parts).
There are few places in the area of Zavidovići, where the stones can be found. Unfortunately, big amount of them are damaged, adds Nedžad Ikanović. It is like that mostly due to the local residents, who were curious and eager for wealth, as there has been tales about a hidden treasure in these parts. In the area of Zavidovići, you can see the stone balls at three different places between gravestones, in the village Mramorje, which is named after the marble, then Davulije, which can be found upon the village of Grab and in the village Beše, where the most preserved stone balls can be found. There is a big questionmark upon the reason on which those gravestones are located on the hills, as they are made out of these heavy stone balls.